Is Ejaculation Dysfunction Peculiar With People In Edinburgh

It is well known. Hiv/AIDS is quite peculiar to South Africa, malaria to many African nations, malnutrition to the East Africans, obesity, diabetes and cancer with the United States of America. So then, is ejaculation dysfunction peculiar to the people of Edinburgh?

The simple answer is no. An ed reverser video claims that Ejaculation dysfunction is not peculiar to the people in Edinburgh but that’s not to say the ed reverser videopeople of Edinburgh do not suffer from ejaculation dysfunction. That’d be a wrong thing to say.

As with every other people on earth, the same statistics apply to the people of Edinburgh. Out of every 10 men, 1 is likely to be suffering from ejaculation dysfunction. For diabetes patients, this number rises to 5 out of 10. With advancement in age from 70 and above, the chances of suffering from ejaculation dysfunction shoot to 78% while the figure for 20 to 30 year old is about 6%. These same stats apply to the people of Edinburgh.

The wrong misconception some people have that ejaculation dysfunction is peculiar to the people of Edinburgh is thought to stem from the fact that the first hospital to offer the ED1000 treatment for ejaculation dysfunction is situated in the town. ED1000 is a treatment plan lasting about 12 weeks which utilizes sound wave intensity on the penis to encourage the growth of blood vessels. While it is a bit rational to believe this institution exists in Edinburgh because the problem is peculiar to the people, it is totally not the case.

The dominant age group of men in Edinburgh is the 20-30 and the 30-45 group, ages at which the threats of ejaculation dysfunction are quite negligible. The 70 and above age group makes up about 8% of the male population of the town and so can not be used as a representative group to generalize the peculiarity of ejaculation dysfunction to ed reverser videothe town.

Moreover, the people of Edinburgh are well acclaimed to lead healthy lifestyles which is evident in the high life expectancy of people in the town. While this is not directly related to the threat in focus, it’s less likely for someone living healthy to suffer from ejaculation dysfunction than for someone who lives otherwise.

Ejaculation dysfunction is a problem for men all over the world. There’s no known geographical location or species of people more prone to it than other and so it should be noted that ejaculation dysfunction is not peculiar just to the people of Edinburgh. Rock hard protocol eBook download even reveals why Premature ejaculation has not been sections to some set of geographical location.